Computer Aided Design

CAD office at Denis Welch MotorsportBetter than the original

For many years, we have consistently evaluated parts performance to develop race-bred solutions.

In our experience, parts fail in competition for a variety of reasons, but there is always a cause and often a remedy. We have taken a pro-active attitude towards these issues and re-engineered products to enable superior performance to the original part.

For example, the ball race clutch release bearing featured here has been used in racing for many years and the superior performance it provided was required for road use. So, we set about improving the design and adapting it for economic production.

This is now a standard engine improvement, available to all, but it demonstrates the way in which our problem-analysis-redesign- manufacture process improves the breed. In order to guarantee quality and reliability, it is our policy to control as many aspects of our product and service as possible. This is why we have developed a self-sufficient engineering and parts manufacturing facility, that is second to none. We find this especially necessary in the high-performance field.

That's why you should make sure you get a Denis Welch original - to be sure, look for our logo.